TV Show
Series: Batman: The TV Series
Season/Number: 2
Studio/Network: DC / 20th Century Fox / ABC
Year: 1967

The second season of the 1960s American television series. It continues the adventures Batman and Robin fighting a variety of villains and their henchmen. It is known for its camp style, upbeat theme music and relatively simplistic youth-aimed moral lessons, including championing the importance of using seat belts, doing homework, eating vegetables, and drinking milk.

35. Shoot A Crooked Arrow
36. Walk The Straight And Narrow
37. Hot Off The Griddle
38. The Cat And The Fiddle
39. The Minstrel’s Shakedown
40. Barbecued Batman?
41. The Spell Of Tut
42. Tut’s Case Is Shut
43. The Greatest Mother Of Them All
44. Ma Parker
45. The Clock King’s Crazy Crimes
46. The Clock King Gets Crowned
47. An Egg Grows In Gotham
48. The Yegg Foes In Gotham
49. The Devil’s Fingers
50. The Dead Ringers
51. Hizzoner The Penguin
52. Dizzoner The Penguin
53. Green Ice
54. Deep Freeze
55. The Impractical Joker
56. The Joker’s Provokers
57. Marsha, Queen Of Diamonds
58. Marsha’s Scheme Of Diamonds
59. Come Back, Shame
60. It’s The Way You Play The Game
61. The Penguin’s Nest
62. The Bird’s Last Jest
63. The Cat’s Meow
64. The Bat’s Kow Tow
65. The Puzzles Are Coming
66. The Duo Is Slumming
67. The Sandman Cometh
68. The Catwoman Goeth (A Stitch In Time)
69. The Contaminated Cowl
70. The Mad Hatter Runs A Foul
71. The Zodiac Crimes
72. The Joker’s Hard Times
73. The Penguin Declines
74. That Darn Catwoman
75. Scat! Darn Catwoman
76. Penguin Is A Girl’s Best Friend
77. Penguin Sets A Trend
78. Penguin’s Disasterous End
79. Batman’s Anniversary
80. A Riddling Controversy
81. The Joker’s Last Laugh
82. The Joker’s Epitaph
83. Catwoman Goes To College
84. Batman Displays His Knowledge
85. A Piece Of The Action
86. Batman’s Satisfaction
87. King Tut’s Coup
88. Batman’s Waterloo
89. Black Widow Strikes Again
90. Caught In The Spider’s Den
91. Pop Goes The Joker
92. Flop Goes The Joker
93. Ice Spy
94. The Duo Defy

Approx Total Time: 24:35
Universe: ’60s Batman
UWO: 4


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