Wonder Woman


TV Show
Season/Number: 1-3
Studio/Network: DC / Warner Bros. / ABC / CBS
Year: 1975-1979

Wonder Woman follows the adventures of Princess Diana of Themyscira, a warrior princess of the Amazons, known outside her homeland by the secret identity Diana Prince. A woman gifted with a wide range of superhuman powers and superior combat and battle skills. She possesses an arsenal of weapons, including the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, and a tiara which serves as a projectile.


Season One
“The New Original Wonder Woman”
“Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther”
“Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman”
“Beauty on Parade”
“The Feminum Mystique”
“Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua!”
“The Pluto File”
“Last of the Two Dollar Bills”
“Judgment from Outer Space”
“Formula 407”
“The Bushwackers”
“Wonder Woman in Hollywood”

Season Two
“The Return of Wonder Woman”
“Anschluss ’77”
“The Man Who Could Move the World”
“The Bermuda Triangle Crisis”
“The Pied Piper”
“The Queen and the Thief”
“I Do, I Do”
“The Man Who Made Volcanoes”
“Mind Stealers from Outer Space”
“The Deadly Toys”
“Light-Fingered Lady”
“Screaming Javelin”
“Diana’s Disappearing Act”
“Death in Disguise”
“I.R.A.C. is Missing”
“Flight to Oblivion”
“Seance of Terror”
“The Man Who Wouldn’t Tell”
“The Girl from Ilandia”
“The Murderous Missile”

Season Three
“My Teenage Idol is Missing”
“Hot Wheels”
“The Deadly Sting”
“The Fine Art of Crime”
“Disco Devil”
“Time Bomb”
“Skateboard Wiz”
“The Deadly Dolphin”
“Stolen Faces”
“Pot of Gold”
“Gault’s Brain”
“Going, Going, Gone”
“Spaced Out”
“The Starships are Coming”
“Amazon Hot Wax”
“The Richest Man in the World”
“A Date With Doomsday”
“The Girl With a Gift for Disaster”
“The Boy Who Knew Her Secret”
“The Man Who Could Not Die”
“Phantom of the Roller Coaster”

Approx Total Time: 41:00
Universe: none, it’s own
UWO: 1-3


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