TV Show
Series: Arrow
Season/Number: 1
Studio/Network: DC / Warner Bros. / The CW
Year: 2012

In 2007, the playboy billionaire Oliver Queen is aboard a ship with his father, Robert, and Sara Lance, the sister of his girlfriend Laurel. A crash claims the lives of his father and Sara and he is shipwrecked on a mysterious island.

Five years later, Oliver returns to Starling City to his mother, sister, and best friend. His new mission is to save his city from the people destroying it – which are on a list passed down from his father before his death – as a hooded vigilante.

1 “Pilot”
2 “Honor Thy Father”
3 “Lone Gunmen”
4 “An Innocent Man”
5 “Damaged”
6 “Legacies”
7 “Muse of Fire”
8 “Vendetta”
9 “Year’s End”
10 “Burned”
11 “Trust but Verify”
12 “Vertigo”
13 “Betrayal”
14 “The Odyssey”
15 “Dodger”
16 “Dead to Rights”
17 “The Huntress Returns”
18 “Salvation”
19 “Unfinished Business”
20 “Home Invasion”
21 “The Undertaking”
22 “Darkness on the Edge of Town”
23 “Sacrifice”

Approx Total Time: 17:15
Universe: Arrowverse
UWO: 1


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