TV Show
Series: Arrow
Season/Number: 4
Studio/Network: DC / Warner Bros. / The CW
Year: 2015

With the Arrow believed dead, Starling City, recently renamed Star City, is protected by other costumed superheros. When a new group of criminals being called the “Ghosts” start threatening his city, Oliver Queen returns to help them.

70. Green Arrow
71. The Candidate
72. Restoration
73. Beyond Redemption
74. Haunted
75. Lost Souls
76. Brotherhood
77. Legends of Yesterday
78. Dark Waters
79. Blood Debts
80. A.W.O.L.
81. Unchained
82. Sins of the Father
83. Code of Silence
84. Taken
85. Broken Hearts
86. Beacon of Hope
87. Eleven-Fifty-Nine
88. Canary Cry
89. Genesis
90. Monument Point
91. Lost in the Flood
92. Schism

Approx Total Time: 17:15
Universe: Arrowverse
UWO: 6


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